Paid Legal Services

I'm Being Evicted...

Oh, No!

The wolf is at your door, but has he got a surprise coming! The landlord wants you to run away scared, but once you realize what you can do to turn the tables on him, this can actually be a fun experience. How can you have fun being evicted? Watch me. I've been doing this very thing for over 30 years.

This is definitely a "get out of victim mode" experience. You will be paying as legal fees only a small fraction of the rent you would normally be paying if your landlord would just work with you. But no, he wants to fight. Let's give him one. He's not expecting what's about to happen. He's arrogant and belligerent, and so is his lawyer. Perfect.

First you find out what's going on, how this works, and how you are going to achieve your goal, in our Initial Consultation. From there, what we do will depend on your individual case and how things unfold, playing it by ear. Let's get started. The clock is ticking, and this is a very time-sensitive procedure.