Pre-Consultation Information

Free Legal Pre-Consultation Videos

Before you spend a dime on legal help, you want to know if you have rights, if you have a case, and how it all goes. These free legal pre-consultation videos are intended to answer those legitimate questions. This free legal information is recommended before your consultation. Watch only the videos that apply to you, and download the forms to which they may refer, which are linked from this page.


Click on the images or links below to watch the videos.

Renters’ Rights

free legal consultation renters rights



Breaking Your Lease

breaking your lease

Security Deposit

get your security deposit back

House for Sale

house for sale

COVID Back Rent

winning a covid backrent lawsuit

Take Control

winning your eviction part 1 tak 1


eviction nonpayment rent

Perform Covenant

eviction perform covenant

Notice to Quit

eviction three day notice

Tenants: The Sleeping Giant (VOTE!)


Foreclosure Eviction

foreclosure eviction

No Fault

no fault eviction

The Game Board

eviction game board