Look No Further

“I‘d never needed a lawyer until this past spring. I did a google search and struck gold. Ken Carlson talked me off the ledge with each consultation as I was being threatened by the management company of my building. He knows California tenant laws inside and out and offers expert, no-nonsense advice without bleeding you financially. I’d recommend his services to anyone requiring legal advice on tenant issues in Los Angeles.” – James

This Man is a Saint. He is doing God’s work.

“It took me weeks of cold calling lawyers and being bounced around from one office to the next only to find out that most tenant lawyers strictly represent Landlords/Owners. Easier to win in court I guess? Ken has provided me with a plethora of resources to fight off unruly landlords and unscrupulous owners. Within 24 hours of consulting Ken, I was released from my lease and my deposit was returned in with 48 hours. Before I consulted him, I was being forced to live in inhabitable conditions with threats to evict me if I decided to withhold rent for repairs.” – Patrick

Highly Recommended

“I hired Ken Carlson to help me with my case. He is very clear, precise and incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I felt fully supported and his help comforted me a great deal as I had never sued anyone before but he walked me through the process. He put my mind at ease from the very first consultation. I worked with Ken as I needed him and thanks to his high level of professionalism and dedication, I won my case.” – Joanne

Worth Every Penny

“Got in contact with Ken 1 day before my trial date for eviction, had my Evidence but was feeling unsure. My consultation with Ken was great, he got right to the point on what I needed to do. I followed his instructions for my presentation to the judge. Everything he told me would happen in court, did, right down to the plaintiffs lawyer getting unsure of his case and looking confused to the judge shaking his head because the plaintiffs lawyer was so unprepared for me!!!! Judge ruled in my favor. Proud of myself for playing the Game, getting excited for the next round.”

Simply the Best Tenant Attorney

“I’ve been consulting Ken since April 2017 and he has helped me to deal with a bully-landlord – a big corporation that wanted to walk into my apartment and start renovating my kitchen, bathroom, closet and make me and my pets live in a construction zone. Mr. Ken Carlson was very supportive from the first consultation back in April 2017 up until today. He is simply amazing. He will take care of you. Trust him. He is very knowledgeable, has over 30 years of experience dealing with landlords, and is ALWAYS on your side. Every single time. Even when you want to give up. Even when you feel you can’t do this any more. He will be there for you to support you. Every single time after a consultation with Ken I felt a lot better, I was educated on my rights, on the next steps, and the best way to approach the situation. I will always recommend Ken to my friends, colleagues, and I strongly recommend him to you. I’ve worked with attorneys before, but I’ve never met an attorney who was this passionate about protecting tenant’s rights.”

Best in the Business for Tenants

“It’s rare to find a real advocate. Someone who not only supports and advises, but who does so with both honor and intelligent strategy. Mr Carlson has literally kept me from living in a shopping cart. And gave me the time to get back on my feet. And in the process, saved me a lot of money.
And the Plaintiff’s attorney remains frustrated and embarrassed.” – Tom