California Tenant Law


For Existing Clients Only

How To

The Hotline is for existing clients, only. If you are not yet a client, to become one, you set up the Initial Consultation, shopping cart Item #101 [$150 for 1/2 hour]. You download the two PDF files to which you are directed immediately after paying for that consultation. One of them is a set of forms that you fill out and send back by email or fax.  On your first consultation, you become a client.

The Hotline is a special service for CalTenantLaw using a company called VoiceStamps Technologies.  Billing for the Hotline is completely separate from the regular consultation.  The usual debit and credit cards are accepted.  When you put in your card information, a $60 charge is accepted as a deposit towards your call, covering up to 10 minutes. If the call goes over that, another $60 charge is accepted for each new 10 minute session without interrupting the call. When you complete the Hotline call, only the minutes actually used will be charged, and your refund of the balance will be put back on your card in a few days.

It you are having technical problems with the Hotline, the VoiceStamps technical support line is 469 272 4688.  If it is other than a technical support question about using the VoiceStamps system, you can call the CalTenantLaw business line 951 659 1234, and leave a message for a return call within a few days.