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Since COVID, a lot of people work from home, but have to “dress up” for their video business meetings. They hate it. Here is a solution for them: the Facsuit. On camera, it looks like a suit, but it’s just the front parts of the jacket and shirt/blouse mounted on a piece of cardboard with a neck notch. It’s a new invention, and a new way to sell, starting February 1st.

That’s where you come in. You make Facsuits at home, and sell them through your own free store on the website. Your cost is $5 – $10. Get the clothes from your closet, family, friends, or a thrift store. It only takes 30-60 minutes to make each one. Sell it for $35-$250. Easy step by step instructions on everything. Sales tax, shipping and accounting are automatically done for you. It’s that easy. Curious? Be there first!

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