California Tenant Law


How To

First of all, please note that I prefer that you set up consultations at a scheduled time to get information. I can then be ready to talk with you about your case, having reviewed your situation and the things you want to discuss. It is also less distracting to me, given that when you call, I may be otherwise engaged in research and drafting paperwork or already in a scheduled consultation with another client. Or I may be just enjoying my own personal time. [Imagine that!] The Hotline is $6 / minute, and should only be used where you have (1) an emergency that can’t wait for a consultation or (2) if you only have a quick question or two. I make the Hotline available to accommodate those two situations. Otherwise, you are better off scheduling the less-expensive consultation.

However, I understand that situations may arise where you need to talk to me immediately, and it can’t wait for a scheduled consultation. You may be in court and need immediate coaching on an issue you have had not anticipated, or the landlord may have just taken some drastic action, or the Sheriff may have just posted some threatening papers. Until recent technology evolved, this was not possible, but now it is. I have set this up for you.