Legal Information

Legal Information


Common topics of concern providing an overview and understanding.

Convenient links to read the statutes, find the forms, locate your landlord, and more

Bare bones eviction defense, trial, security deposit recovery and breaking a lease, downloaded PDF e-books including legal advice, forms, organization materials.

After reviewing the free information, you may need a consultation to learn the specifics of your situation, with explanation of your rights, strategies, court procedures, coaching, and more. You can set up the consultation with Ken Carlson, himself, or one of his associates as you wish.

Ken Carlson personally does the research and drafting of your legal paperwork, so that it is powerful and effective, often without your even needing to appear in court.

You may want to hire an attorney to appear with you for trial, a hearing, or negotiation. An attorney will be located to make the appearance, or even take over the entire cae.