Paid Legal Services

You may need a consultation to learn the specifics of your situation with an explanation of your rights, strategies, court procedures, coaching and more.
These paid legal services will address your needs.

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1) You may need a consultation with a lawyer. There are no paralegals giving information as many other low-cost services offer. These consultations are ONLY with an experienced lawyer who specializes in landlord-tenant law representing tenants. There are different ways to arrange for the consultation.

2) Unlike most legal consultations, these are entirely by phone or Skype, so you don’t need to leave your home to learn what you need. All payments are online by card or PayPal. All services are piecemeal, like a legal vending machine, so you control the costs. Accounting is electronic through the shopping cart’s optional registration and sign-in feature, as well as on request to All documents are faxed or scanned to PDF format, so there is no paperwork to lose or mis-order.

3) Consultations are normally verbal over the phone, but can be by email upon request. Emailed communications except to correct mistakes in paperwork, arrange a consultation time, or request accounting information, are all billed as consultation time with a minimum of $75 payment required.