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475 - Eviction Trial Preparation

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The day is coming, and you're getting nervous about the trial. What do you say? What do you do? what if they say this or that? How do you handle the events about to unfold? Yikes!

First of all, you are strongly advised to get the Eviction Trial Kit first, so that you understand the situation and your consultation can be focused on the particulars of your case. The eviction trial kit is only $100 but it gives you hundreds of dollars with of advice.

Whether by judge or jury, your trial trial will challenge you in every way, but if you know what to do, not only will the trial go well for you, but just seeing your confidence may make your landlord buckle under. Your landlord is expecting you to be scared to death of this trial. Imagine his surprise when you're more prepared than his lawyer is, and ready to win!

There is no hocus-pocus about a trial. There are rules and procedures, ways to to do things, better ways of accomplishing the goal than others, and a smart way to proceed. In this one-hour trial preparation consultation, you will learn exactly what to do, and how to do it, and even learn the best ways to present your case, and how to handle particular questions that that landlord's lawyer might pose. You will have the confidence you need to see this through, and with that, the stronger position to settle the case on terms you can accept. 90% of jury trial cases settle, because the landlord backs down and will give you almost anything just to get you out and have a symbolic victory.

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