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150 - Motion to Quash Service of Summons


150 - Motion to Quash Service of Summons 150

The landlord's process server is supposed to hand you the Summons and Complaint in a eviction case in person, but they hardly ever do that. If you challenge the improper service by filing the Motion to Quash, not only does it prevent the landlord from taking your default [and winning], but it can get you an extra 3 weeks over not challenging it, on top of other possible delays.

To be elligible, there has to be an improper service of the summons and complaint, or none at all. In some instances, a special "Delta" motion to quash can be filed even if the service itself was proper. If that happens, you get the motion to quash to file, attached to an instructional email. You don't even have to appear in court on this motion, so you don't have to lose time from work.

If necessary, this also includes preparation of a Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession, so that if you were not named in the lawsuit but want to fight it, you can. The fee does NOT include any consultations concerning the motion, problems at the clerk's office, communication from the court or lawyer, further attempts at service, or related matter, whether by phone, email, scanning, faxing or mail. Those are properly addressed by consultations or the Hotline.

$150 In stock
Attach in PDF what you got [or separately fax to 888 764 1919]
When did you get this? [date/time]
How did you physically get this? found on door, personally handed, etc]



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