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705 - Drafting Complaint [simple]

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There comes a time when you may take the offense and sue, or counter-sue, your landlord. The Small Claims Complaint you can do yourself, but when your case is more complicated than a simple issue or you are suing for more than $12,500, or you are counter-suing in the eviction case after you've moved out, you need to have a formal complaint drafted under the special rules and procedures of the Superior Court. Although there are some forms that CAN be used for this purpose, you still need to say the right things. It is best to prepare the Complaint on pleading paper and have a lawyer do it, so that everything is stated as you wish.

The $900 charge for this assumes that you provide all of the information that the lawyer needs to prepare the Complaint. It is for a "simple" complaint, up to 3 causes of action [e.g., breach of contract, retaliation, & trespass]. For a more complex complaint [more than 3 causes of action], you need to purchase Item #706, which costs $1500.

As you pay for this, you will be immediately directed to a download page, where there is a download form for you to complete, which provides most of this information. If the lawyer has to hunt for the information, then the cost of the Complaint drafting increases accordingly. Until you submit the Complaint Info form, I can't get started. This Complaint is built from the Judicial Council forms for the standard causes of action, A Complaint which requires claims beyond those already provided will require additional charges to customize the Complaint to your particular case.

The charge includes basic information gathering, consultation, Summons, Civil Case Cover Sheet, and Complaint drafting. Additional consultations are at an additional charge, as needed.

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