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270 - Reviewing and Advising on Discovery

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This is one area where it is hard to predict what might be involved in time and effort. So much depends on what paperwork was submitted , what the responses were, and what time parameters limit what can be done. Whether it's their discovery for you to answer or your discovery that they have not properly answered, something needs to be done but what?

Typically, you submit valid discover in a timely manner, but the landlord's lawyer sends you back hardly any information, lots of objections, and effectively DARES you to do something about it. If you let them get away with it, you wasted your money and time on your legitimate discovery effort. If you do take action, you could get the trial postponed, monetary "sanctions" immposed against your landlord and his lawyer, and get the imformation that you need to win the case.

Discovery is one of the most expensive parts of a lawsuit. You are trying to find out what that other side's case is, whether they have the evidcence to back it up, or whether they have evidence that bolsters your case. A case will often turn on the discovery responses, since the bravado of the Summons and Complaint may yield to a concession that the landlord really can't win their case, once their case is exposed. It can even result in a judgment for you because the landlord refuses to answer questions or provide documents that the judge orders him to provide.

Given the uncertainty of the situation, and having to post some price, the amount is set on what is spent on the average reviewing a complete set of discovery responses. If more is needed, you will be advised, but is less is needed, the balance will be applied to further work on the case, or refunded.

The fee includes 2 hours of reviewing the discovery we sent, their responses, and what needs to be done as a next step. It does NOT include draftingt a meet and confer letter or making a meet and confer phone call to the lawyer. It does NOT involve drafting a motion to compel. You CAN do this on your own and supply the results for what may be the next steps: the meet and confer effort and the motions to compel.


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