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101 - Initial Consultation with Attorney

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This is an important first step. Chances are, your landlord is out of control, threatening, unreasonable, and trying to bully you into submission, but your intuition tells you that you should be able to do something to correct this. But what? Get out of victim mode. Learn what to do.

In this consultation, we cover:

  • where you are in the scheme of things
  • what your rights are
  • how you want things to be, and
  • how to handle the situation to head in the right direction

You will get over the fear and anxiety, and relax with the confidence and security that knowledge brings. Many say this is the best money they've ever spent. You will have a plan of action, and know what is coming up, and what to do when that happens, and so forth.

There is no "office visit," sorry. No need for you to travel through traffic, pay expensive parking charges and wait in the lobby. Stay home. You can record the session if you want, but at least be ready to make copious notes.

In the first form, you will give a short version of what has happened and how you want things to be, to give our consultation a direction. You will be sending the papers by email to your assigned associate attorney. Please only scan to PDF; do not use your phone scanner.

In case you miss this step, your payment confirmation will also include links to your download page to get these forms and will remain open for 72 hours from your purchase for you to do so.

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