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340 - Lifeline Court or Deposition

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Like the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" show, we provide this service for your assigned lawyer to be available while you are either in court at a hearing or trial or in a deposition, as a means of getting quick advice. It covers up to 1/2 hour of calling, then you purchase more if needed.

The other side thinks you are all alone, and tries to take advantage of that to mislead or scare you. But, you're not all alone -you have us! At trial, the other side may make a settlement proposal, or the judge asks about something with the case that you don't know how to answer. You can get the advice you need at that critical time, and not just blindly guess, just call us from the hallway.. At a deposition, you might be asked a question that you don't know how to answer, or are unsure how to handle things. You slip away to talk to your lawyer and then return.

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