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105- Case Evaluation

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The more complicated a case gets, the more important it is to take a step back and summarize where we are, what needs to be done, what is best to do, and then to plan the future events. This may require going through voluminous paperwork, doing legal research on technicalities, fact checking, and other work that your assigned attorney does on their own. It is like looking at the map to see where you are and make sure that you are heading in the right direction. It is time well spent, and your assigned attorney will let you know if this needs to be done. Your situation may even involve buying more than one unit of this, as your attorney may also advise.

The alternative in NOT doing this means we are just reacting to things, and not taking control, and perhaps forgetting to do what we had previously postponed until later, or overlooking some major gaps in your case.

You can assist in the process by providing organized papers, scanned papers with a real scanner (not your phone app), giving the missing information, and being available to contact.

Once the evaluation is done, you will set up a consultation or hotline call with your assigned lawyer to go over their evaluation. that way, you have a clear understanding and a plan, to put your mind at ease.

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