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045 - Security Deposit Recovery Kit

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It is every tenant's concern that the landlord is going to try to keep your security deposit some way, and you want to make sure that he doesn't, but how?

In this Kit, you have the small claims form and detailed instructions on how to fill it out. You get the detailed explanation of the law related to it, so that you go to court with full understanding of what you are doing. You get instruction on how to present your case to get maximum effect and how to handle some of the commons problems that arise, as well as advice on how to collect your money after you win. The goal is to get 3 times the amount of the deposit.

After you pay for this Kit, you will be directed to the download page to get the Kit. It is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer already, it is free and easy to download and install. The link is on the main page of

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