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041 - Eviction Trial Kit

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Prepared, not scared. This Kit prepares you to represent yourself at a jury trial. Granted it's not as good as having an experienced trial lawyer do it for you, but it doesn't cost $5,000-$10,000, either. Even if you hire a lawyer to represent you at the trial, this Kit helps you understand what is going on, and why, so that you will be more effective at trial, and coordinate better with your lawyer. Even without a lawyer, this Kit sets you up to do the job and takes away most of the fear and anxiety that you will feel as the time approaches. When the trial starts, you will LOCK ON to the task at hand, and win your case.

There are so many technicalities and special rules, trials seem like a maze, but with this kit, you will have the guide to do it all right. Trial preparation, getting your exhibits and witnesses together, organizing your presentation, and filing the papers you will need are all explained in clear detail. Obviously, without knowing the detals of your particular case, the Kit is not going to address every aspect, but a reasaonably intelligent layman should be able to use this Kit to perform well.

If you have followed directions and requested a jury trial, and are ready for that trial as this Kit shows you to do, the landlord will probably back down and settle on terms that you would never have believed, they way they talked earlier. Your being prepared to go forward is the psych-out for the landlord, particularly when they were expecting you to be scared.

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