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040 - Basic Eviction Defense Kit

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If all you have to spare is $20, this is the "bare bones" legal defense, but it's a lot more than you expect. This 43-page e-book is filled with hundreds of dollars worth of information on almost every defense to eviction. It tells you how to fill out the Answer form, step-by-step. This "basic" kit also contains:

  • The official Answer form to complete on your computer and print out, looking prefessional
  • The proof of service form
  • Form Interrogatories, to force your landlord to answer some of your questions for a change
  • A fee waiver application, that may help you save several hundreds of dollars in court fees
  • A habitability checklist to help you find all of the defects in your rental unit, and
  • A Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession, to enable you to fight the case if you're not already named as a defendant

This is NOT the same as full legal representation and is NOT the way to get the most time, if that is what you're trying to get. If your goal is to maximize your time in possession so that you can find another place to move, then you need to get the initial consultation and file the papers that will get you the additional time.

When you pay for this consultation, you will be automatically directed to the download page for the Kit, which is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you don't have the Adobe Reader program already, it is free online. See the main page for that link.

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