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001 - Habitability Worksheet

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Tenants are so accustomed to living in bad conditions, that you often overlook and forget about all of the defects, assuming that nothing will be done, and you just have to live with it. However, now that push-comes-to-shove, it's time to find everything and make a list.

To help you, this convenient Habitability Worksheet reminds you of things you may have forgotten, and suggests things you may not have considered habitability defects. While comprehensive, this list is not exhaustive, but you will get the idea of what it a habitability defect because of its similarity to items on this list.

You will be using this list to:

  • exercise your right to Repair and Deduct,
  • file a complaint with the Code Enforcement people at the Building Department
  • file a complaint with the Code Enforcement people at the Health Department,
  • prepare your lawsuit against the landlord
  • prepare a defense for an eviction
  • organize the other tenants to assert their rights to a decent place to live, and/or
  • talk to your local City Council about slum conditions in your city

You will be surprised at the number of items you had simply overlooked, and what you have been tolerating all this time.

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