Cities with Rent Control

The following are lists of California cities with rent control.

Rent Control [Other than Mobilehome Parks]

Other Measures Short of Rent Control

Campbell [starting Ch 6.09 mediation only]
Fremont [mediation only]
Gardena [mediation only]
Glendale [just cause eviction, only]
San Diego [98.0730 just cause eviction, only]
San Leandro [non-binding review & mediation only]
Thousand Oaks [only pre-1988 tenancies]

Mobilehome Park Rent Controls

Fontana [Chapter 14, sec 14-56]
Grover Beach [starting Sec.3996.10]
Malibu [2.28.010] and Regulations
Milpitas [Title III, Chapter 30]
Morgan Hill [Title 5, Chapter 5.36]
Novato [Chapter XX start Sec 20-1]

Pleasanton [starting 6.60.010]
Redlands [starting 5.48.010]
Rohnert Park [9.70.010] & Regulations
Santa Cruz County [unincorporated area only]
San Jose [Title 17]
San Juan Capistrano [Tile 2, Chapter 2, 2-2.901, etc]
Santa Rosa
Sonoma County
Thousand Oaks [Title 5 Chapter 25]
Union City [starting 16.04]
Windsor [Title VIII, starting 8-1-200]]

Cities and Counties with Rent Control Laws – Table (NOLO)





Landlords are limited to the base rent charged as of 9/1/19 plus the Annual General Adjustment (AGA). For tenancies beginning after 9/1/19, the base rent is the initial rent amount. The AGA is calculated using 70% of the regional Consumer Price Index (CPI), with a 1% floor and 5% ceiling. Each year in May the Program Administrator announces the AGA effective September 1. The AGA for 9/1/19 is 2.8%.

Alameda, California Code of Ordinances §§ 6-58.70 - 6-58.135


65% of the regional CPI, once per year. Landlord or tenant may petition for exception.

Berkeley Municipal Code §§ 13.76.110 - 13.76.120

Beverly Hills

Landlord may increase rent once every 12 months, limited to 3% or the regional CPI, whichever is higher.

Beverly Hills Municipal Code § 4-6-3

City of Commerce

Increases may not exceed 3% per 12 month period.

City of Commerce Emergency Ordinance No. 689 and extending ordinance. The ordinance will expire either March 20, 2019 or when permanent rent control is enacted.

Culver City

The rent as of 6/11/19 on then-existing tenancies, or the initial rent charged on tenancies beginning thereafter, is the "base rate" from which increases are calculated. Increases are capped at 3% annually, and rent may only be raised once in any 12 month period.

Culver City Municipal Code

Ordinance No. 2019-011.

The ordinance will expire either on 6/10/20 or when permanent rent control is enacted.

East Palo Alto

80% of the percentage increase in the regional CPI. Overall increase may not exceed 10% in any 12-month period.

East Palo Alto, California Code of Ordinances §§ 14.04.040, 14.04.090 - 100


Increases exceeding 5% are subject to mediation and binding arbitration.

Gardena Municipal Code §§ 14.04.010 - 14.04.300


5% per year absent exception. Landlords may “bank” increases, but aggregate rent increases cannot exceed 10% in any year.

Hayward Municipal Code

§§ 12:1.01 - 12:1.21


The base rent amount for calculations is the rent in effect on 6/18/19 or the initial rent for tenancies starting thereafter. Only one increase is allowed every 12 months, calculated from the day the increase first takes effect. Increases are capped at 5% of base rent, or the percentage increase of the Regional Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is greater. Units with a base rent less than 80% of CPI may increase rent by up to 8% per year until the rent reaches 81% of average rent as published by RENTcafe.

City of Inglewood Ordinance No.: 19-13

Los Angeles

Only one increase allowed every 12 months based upon the regional CPI. Effective July 1, 2019, the annual allowable increase is 4%.

Los Angeles Municipal Code §§ 151.00 - 155.09

Unincorporated Los Angeles County

Effective through 12/31/19 unless extended, or replaced with a permanent ordinance. Temporary 3% annual limit on rent retroactive to base rents on Sept. 11, 2018. Only one rent increase allowed annually. Landlords may petition for variance.

County of Los Angeles Interim Rent Stabilization Ordinance

Los Gatos

Rent may be increased only once annually and the increase cannot exceed the greater of 5% of existing rent or 70% of the regional CPI. Landlord can always increase rent with the written consent of tenants.

Los Gatos Town Code §§ 14.80.010 - 14.80.315

Mountain View

Rents may be raised starting September 1st each year by board-determined amount that is no less than 2%, nor more than 5%, of the existing rent. Landlords may “bank” rent increases.

Mountain View Code of Ordinances § 1707


Only one increase annually based upon the regional CPI or prior “banked” increases. Owners must petition Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) for increases exceeding CPI.

Oakland Municipal Code § 8.22.065 et seq.

Palm Springs

Only one increase annually, limited to 75% of the increase in the regional CPI. Rent control is permanently removed after tenant voluntarily vacates or is evicted for cause. As a result, few properties remain subject to rent control.

Palm Springs Municipal Code §§ 4.02.010 - 4.08.190

Redwood City

Rent increases are capped at 9% of the gross rental rate charged as of 10/29/19.

This is an urgency ordinance in effect only from 10/29/19 through 12/31/19, until AB 1482 (CA Statewide Tenant Protection Act of 2019) goes into effect on 1/1/20.

Ordinance No. xx. Urgency Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Redwood City Approving Just Cause Eviction Protections and Rental Rate Limits Effective Immediately Until December 31, 2019


Rents may be raised starting September 1 each year by an amount equal to the regional CPI. Landlords and tenants may petition for upward and downward departures.

Richmond Code of Ordinances §§ 11.100.010 - 11.100.130


Rent increases cannot exceed 6% plus the percentage of annual increase in the cost of living adjustment promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The total increase is capped at 10% annually, and only one increase is allowed in any 12 month period.

Sacramento City Code

§§ 5.156.010 - 5.156.150

San Francisco

Yearly rent increases are limited to 60% of the regional CPI.

San Francisco Administrative Code § 37.3

San Jose

Annual increase generally may not exceed 5%. Landlord must petition for higher increase.

San Jose Municipal Code §17.23.310

Santa Monica

The Rent Control Board determines each year’s increase (“General Adjustment” or GA). The Maximum Allowable Rent (or MAR) for any unit is its base rent plus the increase allowed per the annual GA. A tenancy must be in place for at least one year before a GA is allowed. A GA may then be implemented the following September 1st or anytime thereafter.

Santa Monica City Charter Amendment §§ 1800 - 1821

Thousand Oaks

Very limited–for tenants in the same unit since 1987.

Thousand Oaks Rent Stabilization Ordinances Nos. 755-NS, 956-NS, 1284-NS


Vallejo has declared a state of emergency. A landlord cannot increase rent more than 10% from a unit's pre-emergency base rental price, which is the most recent price offered prior to the 7/3/19 declaration. If the unit was vacant, the base price is the fair market rent established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Proclamation of Emergency by the Director of Emergency Services of the City of Vallejo Concerning Rental Housing Price Gouging. Vallejo Municipal Code Chapter 7.300.

West Hollywood

75% of the increase in the regional CPI during the preceding 12 months.

West Hollywood Municipal Code §§ 17.36.020 et seq.