Settling and Negotiation

500 - Talk to the Other Lawyer

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It often happens that a phone call to the other side CAN make a difference. Ken has an ongoing relationship with many landlord lawyers, and some are amenable to talk with him to try to resolve some issue, oir settle the whole case.

Whether this would be productive should be discussed with Ken first in a consultation, since that effort is futile in some cases and very advisable in others. Ken CANNOT talk with your landlord if your landlord has a lawyer representing him (without that lawyer's consent, which is never granted).

The negotiation could be over discovery responses, known as a "meet and confer" discussion, settlement of the entire case, vacating a mistaken default, or other matters of concern to you.

We make this service available to the extent that it could be productive and helpful. The time spent may vary, and this $165 payment assumes 1/2 hour of total time discussing the matter with you, talking to the other lawyer and reporting back to you. If more time is required than 1/2 hour, you will be advised, as well as a suggestion as to whether such further discussions will be productive.

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