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It often happens that the Court clerk makes mistakes that have an adverse impact on your case. Usually, it's a premature default and/or judgment entered against you because the clerk does not know the law and proper procedure, and simply enters the default for the landlord's lawyer as they usually do. There are other mistakes that they make, like refusing to accept your paperwork, setting a case for trial too soon, miscalendaring a hearing, sending the case to the wrong courtroom, on and on.You want to believe that they know what they're doing, and are correct, but that is not the case.

The question is what to do about it. If you do nothing, you will probably lose your case when you should have won. If you file papers to correct the clerk's mistake, that can cost you $500 plus your time off work and a lot of stress. However, about half the time, if your lawyer calls the clerk supervisor or court manager [the top dog] and explains the mistake by the clerk, that person will recognize the mistake and correct it internally without your having to spend any more time or money and stress out. That is the best way to handle the situation, but it only works half the time, depending on the mistake, the clerk and the timing involved.

In order to possibly save you that time and money, we offer to make the call to the court to try to correct the problem in this fashion. Your alternatives are to spend the extra money filing the proper papers to correct the clerk's mistake, or just give up and lose. If it works, you save $400. It if doesn't you have $100 more cost to your defense, and you have to resort to the extra paperwork.

We make this service available since it is effective enough that it's worth a try. You can try to do it yourself, instead, and save the $100, but you probably won't know who to talk to, what to say, or have the snap responses to their objections, in the event that it gets contentious. It's your call.

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