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201 - Default Relief Package

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It will happen that your default is taken, meaning you already lost. It may be that the default has become a judgment, that a writ of possession has already been issued, and that the Sheriff has posated a notice to vacate, giving you only a few days. This can happen because you weren't served with the summons and complaint, because the clerk erroneously entered your default, because you missed a deadline, or several other reasons.

The situation is desperate, but not incurable. You can un-lose, stop the lockout, and put the case back on track, but it isn't cheap.

This package provides the combination of the ex parte stay [to stop the lockout], a motion for relief from default or to vacate the erroneous default [un-lose], and the next paperwork that you WOULD have filed if the default had not occurred, usually a motion to quash or Answer. If the paper is something else, like a demurrer, then you will need to file an additional $100 to cover the extra paperwork preparation.

If you also want a consultation to go over the strategy, then you will need to buy a consultation in addition to this package for the additional $100, or use the Hotline option if time is critically short.

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