Mobilehome Park Disputes

    If you live in a "mobilehome park" (including many trailer parks) there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that you are vulnerable to far more financial loss than an apartment tenant. The good news is that the California Legislature has enacted a special set of laws to protect you, known as the Mobilehome Residency Law ["MRL".]  The MRL has many features of rent control, such as eviction protection, and many special rights not available to the more traditional residential tenants.  You have all of the rights which the traditional tenant does PLUS these special rights.  The MRL is in the California Civil Code Section 798 series. Its protections have also been extended to many Recreational Vehicle Park residents.


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This link is through the organization that made it happen,  the Golden State Mobilehome Owners' League ["GSMOL"].  They can be reached at: (714) 826-4071  and their website:  .

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Special regulations under the California Code of Regulations  Title 25, Division 1, Chapter 2, Subchapter 1, Article 2 (Section 1100 et seq.) also regulates mobilehome park requirements

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     Don't try to memorize everything. The main point is that you have plenty of laws to help you, and you can look through them to see what applies to your situation.  You will note that part of the law [Civil Code 798.15(c)] requires that a copy of the MRL be attached to your rental agreement. You are supposed to have this law in your possession, already. Chances are, this is all new to you, and your park owner has not done much of anything right.

    A few of the highlights in the MRL are that you can only be evicted for certain limited reasons, and that special notices have to be given. You can form a homeowner association to bargain with the park owners over park rules. The park owner cannot unreasonably interfere with your sale of the mobilehome. There are "senior citizen" parks to preserve a calm environment for the retired set (theoretically).  Even some trailer occupants can enjoy these rights, under the right circumstances.

Rent Control
    There is no statewide rent control, but many localities have enacted their own rent control laws. There are many cities and counties that have rent control just for mobilehome and/or RV parks that do not apply to apartments and other normal rentals. Rent controls vary greatly in what they cover, depending on the city or county. "Rent Stabilization" is another term for rent control, but it is the same thing.
    Some limit only the rent increases, but don't protect against evictions. Some also protect against evictions. Some only provide a mediation of the dispute, but are generally toothless. Most rent control laws identify who is covered and who is not. Usually, there is some part of the government that is in charge of it, like a "Rent Board," who can address your questions, take complaints, make investigations, hold hearings, and/or generates regulations which implement the local law.
    If a city has such a rent control law, it doesn't apply outside that city's borders. If a county has rent control, it only applies to "unincorporated areas" of that county, meaning any place that is not part of an official [incorporated] "city."  Many communities have names, but that doesn't make them a city; that neighborhood could be part of a larger city or an unincorporated area in the county. Generally, a city will have a City Hall, and its own police and fire department.
    Click here for a Complete list of Mobilehome Rent Controlled Cities and County unincorporated areas.

Trailers and Trailer Parks
    If you have lived in a trailer park at least 9 months, or have a trailer in a park that has at least two mobilehomes [10' wide or greater], you have many of the rights that mobilehome owners do, such a eviction protections. They are contained in the Recreational Vehicle Occupancy Law, Civil Code 799.20 et seq.  


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updated 11/16/07