Theatrical or Broadcast Production

Available Materials

  The libretto, songs, lyrics, and graphics are all copyrighted and owned entirely by Ken Carlson. The work is also registered with WGA. There are no competing rights or adverse claims.

  Licensed performances for theatrical production or broadcasting are individually negotiated, according to the given circumstances of the licensee. Non-profit use is also licensed, but on special terms.

  Total run time is 95 minutes, subject to set changes, intermission, and the introduction.

Basic Package

  • Script
  • Master Sheet Music charts
  • Double CD of audio production

Optional Materials

  • Individual Instrument Sheet Music
  • Individual Singer Sheet Music/Lyrics
  • Orchestration accompaniment tracks
  • Individual singer rehearsal tracks
  • Character Roll, incl. using small cast
  • Recommended Staging
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Performance Contract
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"And now for something
completely different"

Optional Music Arrangement

Song key changes
Choir modification
Complete orchestration

Optional materials and services are provided by addendum and separate fees.

Small Troupe Friendly

Small theater? Low budget? OK!
The entire production can be done with as few as 11 actors [w/ multi-rolls].
Music: orchestra tracks to cue
Sets: law offices, a courtroom, and the diner (in front of the curtain).
Wardrobe: suits and office wear, a waitress outfit and a choir robe.
Props: office equipment, two large books, a gavel, a Christmas tree with assorted items and packages, and dishware.
Rehearsal: song parts/sheet music
Graphics: promotional ready

   Despite the recent popularity of musicals, warmed-over classics are not going to bring in the crowds you want. The success of new musicals that lack the punch of the old classics illustrates how desperate the public is to see something fresh, sassy, iconoclastic, and in this day and age, rebellious. Legal Ethics is that play. There is nothing else out there like it, in a number of perspectives.

Tell Me More

  Please email your questions and concerns to . Be sure to include your contact information, time zone, and best way to reach you.

   As a production, it finds similarities with Three Penny Opera, Chicago, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The songs are catchy.  Each song is of a completely different genre, and all have memorable lyrics. The characters are vivid and real.  Choreography is invited, especially for the Courtroom Tango.  Although it is a comedy, the climax song will make them cry.  The audience will leave your theatre singing the songs, talking about what their legal experience was, and how Legal Ethics put into focus what they had always suspected but never wanted to realize. 

  Also helpful for theatre productions would be your proposed seat capacity, audience draw vicinity, and particular concerns/needs.

   Licensed productions guarantee exclusive date and region protections.


The audio production on CD is available for public radio broadcast under license. NPR fundraising programs including CD/MP3 sales are preferred, others will be considered. Link to this site required.

  But it goes far beyond the entertainment aspect to educate and expose an area that has only experienced superficial disdain as "lawyer jokes."  Written by a lawyer from 35 years of experience, Legal Ethics is the gawd awful truth put to music, using humor to drive the point home. It is a a story of today, filled with the dirty secrets about the real workings of our legal system. In the background, however, is the generic message to everyone not to be co-opted and abandon their ideals, as well as to recognize how even they, the audience, may have found themselves to be "just a small cog on a very small wheel, that's spinning inside the machine."  

Talk Show Promotion

   Ken Carlson is available for talk shows about this production. He has had extensive experience on talk and news shows on various topics, and was a segment producer on a web-based radio show.