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The Experience You Want
I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. I began my law practice in 1980, specializing in landlord-tenant law. I have authored booklet on renters' rights, including the e-book Kits available from this site.  I have been a college instructor and taught the Department of Real Estate's continuing education course on landlord-tenant law. As the internet evolved, I moved my practice from my Glendale office to this website, which I created in 1999. Since then, I have helped tens of thousands of tenants like you in a variety of situations. 

The Commitment You Need 
Unlike most lawyers, I did not come from a privileged background. My family lived in a trailer when I was young, and in various apartments and rented housing as I grew up. I had to pay for my own education in college and law school, doing a variety of jobs from dishwashing and janitorial work to selling real estate and teaching English as a second language.  I had to interrupt my progress twice to work and save up money to continue. I got involved in tenants' rights as a law student, when I became a tenant organizer. I started my own law practice from that organizing, 35 years ago, dedicated to tenants' rights. What I enjoy most about this practice is empowering tenants to achieve victories over their landlords, which hopefully carries over to other areas of their life. Through this website and technology, I am able to help tenants with the necessary paperwork, strategies and advice at a fraction of normal cost.

Costs and Fees
I provide as much general information as I can for free on the pages of this site, which gets about 50,000 hits per month. For paid services, I have the Hotline, e-book legal Kits, paperwork preparation, consultation, and more. I do everything but go to court, and for that I can arrange a lawyer for you if you wish.  My overhead is low, so I "pass the savings on to you."  My rate of $200 per hour for 35 years of expertise is the best deal around.  For almost all of the actual services, there is a set price in the Shopping Cart. Like a vending machine, you pay for X and you get X, so that the total cost is entirely up to you.  I work within your budget. The initial consultation is only $100 for 1/2 hour of fact-filled discussion. The most common reaction I get at the end of the initial consultation is, "That's the best $100 I've ever spent."  No brag, just fact.


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